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Customize various packaging boxes general packaging express packaging boxes

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What’s the Packaging at ABBYLEE?

Packaging for rapid prototyping including paper, PE bag ,bubble bag, foam and label of Qty and item.

Packaging for mass production

PE bag with Carton

Customized Packaging

Why choose ABBYLEE to assemble?

ABBYLEE has dust-free clean room, which approved 100,000 grade. Attached is the PDF of dust-free clean room for your reference.

Why choose ABBYLEE for packaging and Aseembly

1.Packaging for mass production Sealing and labeling: The packaging at ABBYLEE is sealed to ensure the safety and specificity of the product. Product labels, warning labels, and product information are prominently displayed.

2.Logging and Tracking: ABBYLEE meticulously records detailed information about each product, including production date, batch number, and quality inspection results. A unique identifier is assigned to each product for efficient tracking and tracing purposes.

3.Cleaning and maintenance: ABBYLEE prioritizes cleanliness and environmental sanitation by regularly cleaning work areas, properly disposing of emissions and materials, and diligently maintaining production equipment to ensure optimum operation.

4.Documentation: ABBYLEE diligently retains all relevant documentation and records for future quality reviews and improvements. This practice allows for a thorough evaluation of processes and facilitates ongoing enhancements.

5.Shipments: ABBYLEE carefully prepares products for shipment, ensuring that they meet customer requirements. Compliance with applicable shipping and logistics regulations is paramount to guarantee safe and damage-free transportation.