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Custom Household plastic injection parts - Injection Molding manufacturing

Household Plastic Parts

Custom Household plastic injection parts - Injection Molding manufacturing

The manufacturing of household plastic parts at ABBYLEE mainly adopts PET, HDPE, PP, PVC, PMMA, PC and other materials. The products can be manufactured include spray bottles, dispenser bottles, kitchen utensils, lunch boxes, raincoats, building materials, storage boxes, hair dryers and so on.

    Product Detail

    The molding of Household plastic injection parts production is the key link of Household plastic injection parts processing. Various forms of plastic (powder, particle, solution or dispersion) into the desired shape of plastic products or billets. There are more than three dozen methods of molding. Its choice is mainly determined by the type of Household plastic injection parts (thermoplastic or thermosetting), the initial shape and the shape and size of the product. Household plastic injection parts processing thermoplastic Household plastic injection parts commonly used methods are extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding and thermoforming.


    1.Household plastic injection parts have excellent chemical stability. The vast majority of Household plastic injection parts have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals.
    2. Light weight of Household plastic injection parts. Household plastic injection parts are lighter materials, which makes Household plastic injection parts can be used in the production of products requiring reduced weight.
    3. Household plastic injection parts have excellent electrical insulation properties.
    4. Wide distribution of mechanical strength and high specific strength of Household plastic injection parts. Some Household plastic injection parts are hard like stone, steel, and some are soft like paper and leather; From the mechanical properties of Household plastic injection parts such as hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength, the distribution range is wide, and there is a great choice of use.


    Design drawings can be supplied for mass production by our factory. The material can be selected, and the style and color of Household plastic injection parts are not restricted. Any custom product you need, we can produce.


    Material Products suitable for manufacturing material characteristics
    PET Spray bottle, medicine bottle, nozzle extrusion bottle, etc The highest heat resistance temperature of PET can reach 65 ° C, and the lowest cold resistance temperature is minus 20 ° C, which is suitable for items that need to be sealed, fresh-keeping and moisture-proof in life.
    HDPE Packaging bottles for cleaning supplies and bath products Because the HDPE material itself is not easy to clean, it is not recommended to recycle HDPE plastic products.
    PP Kitchen utensils, lunch boxes PP material is often used in kitchen utensils, because its melting point is as high as 167 ° C, so the plastic boxes and other things made of it can be safely put into the microwave oven for use, and can be used repeatedly after cleaning.
    PVC Raincoat, building material, plastic film PVC material has good plasticity and cheap price, so PVC plastic products are more common.
    PMMA Transparent storage container PMMA, commonly known as acrylic or plexiglass, is often used as a storage container, or combined with other materials to make products.
    PC Enclosures for hair dryers, computers and accessories As a widely used plastic material, PC has a high degree of transparency and free dyeing, odorless and harmless to the human body.

    Mould Tooling polishing grade

    Surface polishing generally requires only a bright surface. The standard of mirror processing is divided into four stages:
    AO=Ra0.008μm, A1=Ra0.016μm, A3=Ra0.032μm, A4=Ra0.063μm.
    Because electrolytic polishing, fluid polishing and other methods are difficult to accurately control the geometric accuracy of parts, and the surface quality of chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, magnetic polishing and other methods can not meet the requirements, so the precision mold mirror processing is still based on mechanical polishing.

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