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Starting your happy customized manufaturing of Mould Making at ABBYLEE

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What's the Mould ?

A mould , also known as a Mold Tooling , is a tool used to manufacture industrial products and components. It is created based on the desired shape, size, and structural characteristics of the product, typically made from metal or other malleable materials. The mold transforms raw materials into the final product shape through processes such as injection molding, die casting, stamping, vulcanization,extrusion  etc. Molds play a crucial role in various manufacturing industries such as medical equipment, automotive, electronics, and significantly enhancing production efficiency, quality, consistency, and reducing costs.


What types of molds can we make at ABBYLEE?

We will recommend the production of different types of molds based on our customers' product materials, structures, dimensions, and uses. Our expertise lies in injection molds, die-casting molds, stamping molds, and vulcanization molds

What factors to affect the price of the mold tooling?

The below 6 factors influence the tooling cost, so when you plan to proceed a tooling , we would be very appreciated if you could tell us the product quantity, material, surface finish, cavity,texture, and quality control requests like tolerance and gate size etc, so we could quote for you upon your requests.

What’s the process and produce day of making the mold tooling ?

In normal ,it takes around 35-40 days to make the injection mold tooling
If you want to advance the delivery ,just feel free to let us know , so we could check if could put it at the top priority and finish it in 20 days. It takes around 20-25 days to finish the vulcanization tooling and stamping ,die casting tooling.  The process of the tooling is like as below