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What’s the vulcanization silicone rubber molded parts?

ABBYLEE mainly produce the rubber and silicone molded parts by compression molding and vulcanization. Vulcanization is also called silicone rubber compression, is a process used to transform raw silicone rubber into a solid, elastic material. During vulcanization,the rubber is heated with a curing agent such as sulfur or peroxide. This causes cross-linking between the polymer chains, resulting in a three-dimensional network that gives the silicone rubber its desired properties.
Vulcanization of silicone rubber leads to improved elasticity, heat resistance, durability, and chemical resistance. It also enhances the material's ability to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This makes vulcanized silicone rubber suitable for a wide range of applications, including gaskets, seals, O-rings, electrical insulation, medical devices, and automotive parts.
The specific vulcanization process and parameters may vary depending on the type and formulation of silicone rubber being used.
Why choose ABBYLEE to make rubber and silicone molded parts?
1.Our team of experienced professionals has over 10 years of experience in the industry. This ensures that we can deliver your orders on time without any delays.
2.We offer a convenient one-stop solution for your purchasing needs. In addition to rubber and silicone molded parts, we can also handle orders for injected and metal fabrication parts. This saves you time and effort in sourcing multiple components from different suppliers.
3.ABBYLEE owns factories that are involved in the production of rubber and silicone molded parts. This allows us to control the manufacturing process and ensure competitive pricing for our customers.
4.We pride ourselves on providing 5-star service to our customers. Our team is dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with your experience working with us.
5.Quality is of utmost importance to us. We have a serious QC control team in place to ensure that every part undergoes a 100% inspection to meet our high standards.
By choosing ABBYLEE, you can benefit from our experience, convenience, competitive pricing, excellent service, and commitment to quality.
What we could do in silicone and rubber molded parts.