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Stamping Mold Professional Factory Custom High precision Industrial Metal China Punching Mold Stamping Die

ABBYLEE can provide customers with high-quality and high-precision Stamping Mould Tooling. In terms of material selection, there is a wider choice for customers to choose from. In terms of precision, we have confidential processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of products.

    Product Detail

    The manufacturing process of stamping molds requires professional technology and experience. ABBYLEE communicates with clients to understand product requirements and needs, including product shape, size, materials, etc. According to product requirements and stamping process, design the structure and components of the mold, including punches, die bases, guide pillars, etc. Use CNC machine tools to process mold parts, including milling, turning, grinding and other processes. Assemble the processed mold parts, and conduct mold debugging and trial testing to ensure that the mold can meet product requirements. Based on the product inspection results, mold corrections and improvements are made to improve mold performance and product quality.


    1. High-quality material selection: In order to ensure product quality, the company has medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, high-speed steel, and tungsten steel for customer ordering.

    2. Precision processing: Precision processing equipment, in addition to designing and developing special machinery by ourselves to reduce costs, also uses various CNC processing machines to ensure accuracy.

    3. Detailed inspection: The quality management of cutting tools is an important task that is invisible to the naked eye. We have advanced inspection equipment and can conduct product quality inspection at any time.


    Stamping Mould Tooling can produce many parts for use in various fields.. For example, stamping processing is found in aerospace, aviation, military industry, machinery, post and telecommunications, transportation, chemical industry, medical equipment, daily appliances and light industry.


    We have a variety of materials and different processing methods for you to choose from.

    Product Name Custom Stamping Mould Tooling
    Materials SKD11, SKD 61, Cr12MOV, D2, SKH-9, RM56, ASP23 etc.
    Mould Type Compound Stamping Die, Single Stamping Die, Progressive die or according to Customer’s requirements
    Mould Life 250000-300000shots
    Quality System Certificate   ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

    Production Flow

    Quality Control Process

    Packaging And Shipping